An Evening with the Right Honourable Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada

Earlier this evening, NSD Flicka met the Right Honourable Stephen Harper, who is the 22nd Prime Minister of Canada.

They met at an event that was held at the Jan Paderewski Park in Vaughn, ON.  Jan Paderewski’s story is worth checking out –

The Prime Minister’s official photographer, Jason Ransom, took some photos of Flicka with Prime Minister Harper.  We are awaiting the photos to be emailed to us.  Once we receive them, we will post them to this blog.

As Flicka and I were entering the park, we were stopped by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and asked to wait.  We were the lead car.  Behind us was a trail of cars.  A few minutes later, the Prime Minister and his entourage entered the park and parked their vehicles right in front of us!  I was able to capture this moment on video.  The video has been posted to

The event was so well attended that the parking lots at the park were full after we were able to get a spot (really close to the main event too), and cars were parked outside of the park, on both sides of Highway 27 at Major Mackenzie Drive.  Every Conservative MP from southern Ontario was at this event, including every Ontario cabinet minister!

Following the speeches, it was announced that PM Harper would stay around for a few minutes to take photos.  I knew this is advance, thanks to a tip I got from the Prime Minister’s Office!  Once they announced where this photo opportunity would be taking place, hundreds (yes, hundreds) of people rushed to the spot and formed a massive line.

We stayed in the background, far away from the crowd.  I sent a text message to my contact in the Prime Minister’s Office (who I had connected with prior to the event).  She came out to meet us, and then, along with an escort from PM Harper’s security detail, brought us in to meet PM Harper through the back exit.

First, Flicka and PM Harper took some photos together.

Then Flicka and PM Harper took some photos with my family.

I was then able to speak with him briefly about Flicka, her work with me, and about National Service Dogs.

I then successfully convinced him to sign a copy of his book – A Great Game: The Forgotten Leafs and the Rise of Professional Hockey – which was published in November, 2013.  Unfortunately, I could only get one copied signed.  Flicka is the lucky one who got her copy of the book signed.
PM Harper Autograph for NSD Flicka (20140813) (Photo 1)    PM Harper Autograph for NSD Flicka (20140813) (Photo 2)
(click image to enlarge)

We definitely got some quality time with PM Harper!  Thank you, Sir!!  A very special thank you also to Leigh and Carl.  We appreciate you helping us to make this happen.

The security detail assigned to PM Harper is quite extensive.  Maclean’s magazine published an interesting story on June 7, 2013 entitled, “The men who guard the PM“.  The story is available at  The PM’s security detail is officially known as the RCMP’s Protective Policing Services, and more information about them is located at

Supporting PM Harper’s exclusive security detail was a large tactical team from the RCMP.  They had a large mobile command centre on-site, half-a-dozen all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), and detection dogs.  Woah!