The Late Robin Williams and National Service Dogs

Earlier today, I heard about the tragic death of Robin Williams.

Earlier this year, I was told a wonderful story about the late Robin Williams, and I wanted to share the story with you.

1.  My certified service dog, NSD Flicka, was puppy raised by an amazing woman named Alison.

2.  After NSD Flicka was puppy raised by Alison, Alison began raising another puppy named NSD Presley.

3.  While at breakfast with Alison and NSD Presley back in February, she shared with me the story of her encounter with Mr. Williams.

4.  Mr. Williams was in Calgary performing a show on Friday, December 7, 2012 at the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium.

5.  Somehow, Alison and NSD Presley wound up backstage before the show began.  While Mr. William’s handlers didn’t want him spending too much time socializing before his show, he was drawn to NSD Presley.

6.  Apparently, while captivated by NSD Presley, Mr. Williams asked Alison many thoughtful questions about the work of service dogs and the work of National Service Dogs in Canada, and showed a genuine and caring interest.

7.  When Alison asked Mr. Williams if he would be willing to have his photo taken with NSD Presley, Mr. Williams said he would agree to the photo opp on the condition that he had to be sent a photograph of NSD Presley and NSD Presley’s matched child, once they were paired up, so it could inspire him.

In memory of the late Mr. Williams, please find below the photograph that was taken of him with NSD Presley.  The other photo is of NSD Presley and NSD Flicka from February, 2014, when they met for breakfast.
Robin Williams with NSD Presley (20121207)    NSD Flicka + NSD Presley (20140204)
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