NSD’s Certified Service Dog for PTSD Program

Recently, National Service Dogs changed the name of the program that Flicka graduated from.  The program is now called NSD’s Service Dog for PTSD Program.  The program had previously been called NSD’s Skilled Companion Dogs for Veterans Program.

Given that: (i) Flicka is a certified service dog, and not a companion dog; and (ii) I am not a veteran of our Armed Forces, this program name change is wonderful.

Well done National Service Dogs!

National Service Dogs and Imagine Canada’s Standards Program

This afternoon, National Service Dogs made the following announcement:

“The staff and Board of Directors at National Service Dogs are very pleased to announce that we have achieved a great landmark in our organization’s history and future with our recent accreditation by Imagine Canada’s Standards Program.

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Awesome Maya!

From National Service Dogs’ Facebook page:
Meet 9 year old Maya, a bright, creative and funny little girl with ASD. Maya does not require a Service Dog; however, she is raising money to sponsor a child who does. Incredible!!! Maya’s campaign “Hoops for Hope” has raised over $600 through hand crafted bracelets. Stay tuned to NSD for Maya’s fundraising page so you can be a part of “Hoops for Hope!”

Thank you Maya! You are a true hero!

NSD Maya Fundraiser Extraordinaire
(photo used with permission from National Service Dogs)