Another NSD PTSD Service Dog Placed

National Service Dogs continues to really impress me with their dedication and commitment to helping individuals with PTSD be placed with certified service dogs, like Flicka, who can help those individuals manage their PTSD symptoms.

I know I’ve said this many times before, but I’m going to say it again …. National Service Dogs is awesome!

The following is from National Service Dogs’ Facebook page:
The health and well-being of our dogs is of paramount concern to everyone at NSD. On occasion some dogs encounter a health issue that needs attention. Meet NSD Tonka! When he was nine-months old, x-rays showed that he needed expensive elbow surgery and extensive rehabilitation, valued at $10,000. Dr. Sissener, an orthopaedic surgeon, at the C.A.R.E Centre [Animal Hospital] and the Canine Rehabilitation Centre worked very hard to ensure NSD Tonka’s full recovery and long-term health. The Canine Fitness Centre donated all their rehabilitation time/costs and First Calgary Financial employees held a fundraising barbecue to raise money to cover the surgery costs. After several months, NSD Tonka was cleared for work as a Service Dog by the vet and began advanced training. This week NSD Tonka graduated as a Service Dog for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and was placed with a Canadian Veteran! Congratulations Tonka!

NSD Tonka and Doctors - Copy
(photo used with permission from National Service Dogs)

$1,000 Donation to NSD from Employees of Loblaws® Empress Walk

Earlier today, the employees of the Loblaws® store located at Empress Walk in Toronto donated $1,000.00 to National Service Dogs.  This money was collected by the employees over the course of a few months through their employee charitable donation fund.  National Service Dogs was chosen as the charity that they wanted to support.

My heartfelt thanks to the employees at Loblaws® Empress Walk for their generosity.

Loblaws NSD Donation Ceremony (20140117-01)

National Service Dogs (NSD) on front page of Toronto Star newspaper

I’m delighted to share with you that National Service Dogs (NSD) is featured in a news story that appears on the front page (top-fold!) of today’s Toronto Star newspaper.

The story is about how NSD Harris helps a young boy named Atlas, who has autism.  If you’d like to read the story, it’s available at along with a video.

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Serving my Plaintiff’s Claim against Pethealth Inc. and PTZ Insurance Brokers Ltd. regarding Ontario SPCA Pet Insurance

This afternoon, I served Pethealth Inc. and PTZ Insurance Brokers Ltd., operating as Ontario SPCA Pet Insurance, with my Plaintiff’s Claim.  I was very surprised to learn that they are not located in Suite 400, as their website and print documentation state.  Instead, they are located in Suite 700.  I wonder why they don’t list their correct suite number on their website or in their print documentation?

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Plaintiff’s Claim against Pethealth Inc. and PTZ Insurance Brokers Ltd. re: Ontario SPCA Pet Insurance

Today, I filed a Plaintiff’s Claim in the Small Court Division of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice against Pethealth Inc. and PTZ Insurance Brokers Ltd. re: Ontario SPCA Pet Insurance.  My claim provides specific details and evidence to support my concerns about those two entities.

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