More PTSD Coverage on TV

Earlier this week, I mentioned that the CBS show “60 Minutes” ran a segment on PTSD.

Last evening, while attending a “personal grooming” appointment, the place I was at had the Dr. Phil show on a television.  The show, entitled “My Husband Did the Unthinkable”, was about PTSD.  Details about this episode are available at

What I liked the most about this episode was that Dr. Phil reviewed for his audience the symptoms of PTSD.

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Flicka meets Akita

Very soon after Canadian Dogs Annual released the 2014 edition of their magazine, Flicka happened to be in the same place at the same time as another service dog who was profiled in the “They’re Our Heros” article.  Flicka’s encounter with Akita was completely by chance!

Akita’s handler agreed to allow me to photograph Flicka and Akita together.

LFCDG Akita + NSD Flicka (20131122-01A)    LFCDG Akita + NSD Flicka (20131122-02A)    LFCDG Akita + NSD Flicka (20131122-03A)
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Akita was trained by the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides.

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CBS “60 Minutes” Show – Segment on PTSD

Earlier this evening, the “60 Minutes” television show on the CBS network in the United States aired a segment on the show entitled “PTSD Victims Progressing With Innovative Therapy”.

If you’d like to read about this segment, check out:

If you’d like to watch the segment, check out:

This post was created on November 30, 2013.

Flicka gets harassed at the hospital (again)

At approximately 0000 hrs (midnight) on Thursday, I took Flicka with me to the hospital.  At approximately 1115 hrs on Wednesday, I had received a phone call that someone important to me had had a serious accident and was in the emergency department undergoing a battery of tests.  When I arrived at the hospital, this person was having a CAT scan performed, and was subsequently admitted as an in-patient.  They underwent urgent surgery on Friday morning, which surgery lasted 5+ hours.

For the fifth time, Flicka and I were harassed by staff at this particular hospital.  Yes, I said the fifth time.  Notwithstanding my on-going efforts to educate this hospital’s administration about service dogs, this hospital continues to refuse to get with the program, and its staff continue to behave in inappropriate ways in respect of Flicka.

The patient relations department within the hospital is aware of all of the harassment incidents.  As well, a senior administrator within the hospital even agreed several months ago to work with me on developing a new service dog policy for the hospital because the policy that they were previously using was really deficient, and was clearly drafted by someone who does not understand Ontario’s accessibility laws and who also does not understand what working with a service dog is really like.  Unfortunately, the senior administrator has blown me off.

After this fifth incident, I’ve seriously had enough.  I have now filed a complaint, under the Ontario Human Rights Code, with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario.  Sadly, my personal attempts to seek resolution with this hospital have failed, and, in my opinion, this hospital now needs an independent third party, who is familiar with Ontario’s accessibility laws, to get involved.

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Canadian Dogs Annual 2014 – Service Dog Article

Earlier this evening, I received from the publisher of Canadian Dogs Annual magazine a copy of the service dog article that appears in the 2014 edition of their magazine.

The article is entitled “They’re Our Heros”, and it profiles a number of Canadian service dogs.  Flicka is one of the dogs who is profiled.

CDN_Dogs_2014_Service_Dog_Article_Page1of6    CDN_Dogs_2014_Service_Dog_Article_Page2of6    CDN_Dogs_2014_Service_Dog_Article_Page3of6
CDN_Dogs_2014_Service_Dog_Article_Page4of6    CDN_Dogs_2014_Service_Dog_Article_Page5of6    CDN_Dogs_2014_Service_Dog_Article_Page6of6
(click image to enlarge)
(reproduced with permission of Canadian Dogs Annual 2014)

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Flicka at Santa Claus Parade

Last night, Flicka participated in the Santa Claus Parade in Cambridge, ON, as a part of the National Service Dogs (NSD) float.  I think she really enjoyed herself.

Cambridge Santa Claus Parade 2013
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The three images below are from the 2012 Cambridge Santa Claus Parade:
CSCP NSD 2012-1    CSCP NSD 2012-2    CSCP NSD 2012-3
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This post was created on November 30, 2013.