Flicka goes to the Zoo

Recently, Flicka made a visit to the Toronto Zoo!

We had to arrange our visit in advance, provide all of Flicka’s service dog certification documentation and up-to-date vaccination records, and be escorted around the zoo property by a zoo volunteer.

We had two great volunteers, at various times, with us during our visit.  They knew so much about the animals!

After we saw how Flicka interacted with the Bennett’s wallaby, our second volunteer suggested that we take Flicka to the see the Western Lowland Gorillas. Apparently, they really like dogs, and don’t get to see them that often. Boy, was she ever right! The gorillas came right up to the glass and were focused squarely on Flicka. They regularly banged on the glass to try to get Flicka’s attention, and they also followed us around the perimeter of their enclosure because they couldn’t get enough of Flicka. Flicka, who wore her working jacket during her entire visit to the zoo, pretty much ignored the animals and remained focused on me.

The White-handed Gibbons, Olive Baboons, and the Sumatran Orangutans also took an interest in Flicka as did the Slender-tailed Meerkats and the Ring-tailed Lemurs!

Below are some of the photos from Flicka’s visit to the Zoo:

Flicka at the Front Entrance of the Toronto Zoo
Flicka at the Toronto Zoo 2    Flicka at the Toronto Zoo 1
(click image to enlarge)

Flicka and the Bennett’s Wallaby
Flicka and Marsupial 1    Flicka and Marsupial 2    Flicka and Marsupial 3
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Flicka and the Western Lowland Gorillas
Flicka and Gorillas 2    Flicka and Gorillas 1    Flicka and Gorillas 4Flicka and Gorillas 3    Flicka and Gorillas 8    Flicka and Gorillas 10
Flicka and Gorillas 5    Flicka and Gorillas 7    Flicka and Gorillas 6
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Flicka and the Sumatran Orangutans
Flicka and Orangutan 1    Flicka and Orangutan 2
Flicka and Orangutan 3    Flicka and Orangutan 4    Flicka and Orangutan 5
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Flicka and the White-handed Gibbon
Flicka and Gibbon
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Flicka and the Ring-tailed Lemurs
Lemurs checking out Flicka    Lemurs checking out Flicka 3    Lemurs checking out Flicka 2
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Flicka and the Slender-tailed Meerkats
Meerkats checking out Flicka 3    Meerkats checking out Flicka 2    Meerkats checking out Flicka
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Flicka and the Sumatran Tiger
Flicka and Tiger
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Flick and the African Penguin
Flicka and Penguin 1    Flicka and Penguin 3    Flicka and Penguin 2

Flicka and the Giant Pandas
Flicka and Pandas 1    Panda
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Other photos from Flicka’s zoo visit
Flicka watching me    Flicka looking at penguins
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After my visit to the Toronto Zoo, Flicka’s puppy raiser told me that Flicka was a regular at the Calgary Zoo.  During her visits to the Calgary Zoo, Kakinga, the zoo’s giant male Silverback gorilla, appreciated seeing Flicka and spending some time with her.

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