What does Flicka eat?

I’m regularly asked the question “What does Flicka eat?”

Let’s start with what Flicka does not eat.  She does not eat “human” food.  At least I don’t feed her such food.  Flicka’s a little sneak, and she has, from time to time, scavenged for human food behind my back.  On each and every occasion (that I know of), she’s been caught by someone else and they’ve told on her.

Now, let’s talk about what she’s suppose to eat.

Flicka’s main diet consists of Pro Plan® Large Breed Weight Management Formula (see http://www.purina.ca/products/dogs/pro-plan/pro-plan-specialized-nutrition/large-breed-weight-management.aspx).  She is given 2 cups in the morning and three cups in the evening.  There has never been any food left over in her bowl.  I give her one cup at a time; when she’s finished, she gets her next cup.  Flicka knows when she’s been given less than her due ration, and she seeks out her remaining portion.  It’s hard to pull a fast one on Flicka!

Purina Pro Plan® is recommended by National Service Dogs and it’s the food that she ate while she was with National Service Dogs.  Purina is a strong supporter of National Service Dogs (see http://www.nsd.on.ca/about/purina/.)

Flicka’s “regular” treat is Milk-Bone’s “Flavour Snacks” Biscuits (see http://www.milkbone-canada.com/goodness.aspx?prodID=3).  I give her the medium-sized biscuits and I break them in half.  She eats between 3-6 whole biscuits daily.  Milk-Bone is also a supporter of National Service Dogs (see http://www.milkbone-canada.com/goodtogive.aspx).

Flicka also receives “high value” treats from me.  “High value” treats are treats that she doesn’t usually get.  When she does special things or successfully completes a difficult task, she is rewarded with a “high value” treat.

Flicka’s “high value” treats are: (i)  Purina Beggin’ Strips® (see http://www.purina.ca/products/dogs/purina-treats/beggin-strips-snacks.aspx); and (ii)  Pedigree MarroBone® (see http://www.pedigree.com/really-good-food/marrobone-treats.aspx).

Once a day, Flicka receives a Pedigree DentaStix® treat (see http://www.pedigree.com/really-good-food/dentastix-treats-large.aspx).

From time to time, Flicka also gets her Nylabone® Dura Chew® to chew on (see http://www.nylabone.com/product-finder/by-brand/durachew-hollow-stick-bacon.htm.  I stuff it with one of her “high value” treats and she chews away.  I let her chew between 10-15 minutes.  If she doesn’t get the treat inside within that period of time, I pull it out and give it to her.

I am the only person who feeds Flicka and gives her treats.  This way, she doesn’t ask other people for food, and I can closely monitor her diet (except when she scavengers for human food behind my back or when small children feed her without my knowing).

Note:  I am not personally endorsing any of the aforementioned products.  I am merely sharing with this blog what dog foods I feed Flicka.

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