Flicka as a puppy

Flicka’s puppy raiser, Alison, shared some photos of young Flicka with me today!

I’ve wondered what she looked like as a puppy, and now I know.  Click on an image to enlarge.

Flicka - 8 weeks 001    Flicka - 10 weeks    Flicka Folk Fest Nooner 2012 small version
Flicka at 8 weeks                Flicka at 10 weeks              Too cool for school

Princess Flicka    Mounted Police    Fly and Westjet
Princess Flicka                    Flicka and the Mountie       Flicka and the WestJet Pilot

Skyline Flicka3
Flicka in Calgary, Alberta

Premier Redford & Fly - 11 months
Flicka with Alison Redford, current Premier of the Province of Alberta, Canada

(click images to enlarge)

Alison has also put together a scrapbook for Flicka.  I’m so excited!!!

Thank you, Alison!

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