A Rainy Afternoon

What to do on a rainy afternoon you ask?
How about an hour long walk through the park in a steady stream of rain?

Last weekend, while the rain was really coming down, I decided to take Flicka out for a walk.  She was asking to go out, and I figured, what’s a little rain?

A few years ago, I acquired a Columbia brand rain suit.  It covers my ankles to my wrists and over top my head.  Being an Urbanite, I haven’t had many occasions to use it until today!  Along with my rain boots, I was pretty much set for the weather.

Flicka seemed to enjoy being in the rain.  She had a peppy bounce in her step, and was smiles throughout the walk.  We spent some time off-leash which I think she particularly enjoyed.  At one point, we both lay in the grass and let the rain fall down upon us.  When I asked her if she wanted to continue on our walk, she just continued to lay beside me and didn’t want to budge.

Flicka came home a little dirty so we took a light bath – warm water, no soap – so she could clean up.  As usual, she enjoyed being towel dried and then blow dried.  She was calm, and, with her gentle eyes, she asked me not to stop a couple of times.

I’m looking forward to bouncing in the snow with Flicka in a few months.  Maybe I can teach her how to make snow angels!!!

Flicka with “Amy” and “Ty” from CBC’s Heartland

One of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)’s more successful shows over the past few years has been a show called “Heartland“.  Set in the Alberta Rockies, this show’s 7th season premieres on Sunday, October 6th.

Alison, Flicka’s Alberta-based puppy raiser, recently shared with me a photo of Flicka with two of the main characters from the Heartland series.
Heartland (web)

Flicka with Amber Marshall (“Amy Fleming”) and Graham Wardle (“Ty Borden”)
(click image to enlarge)

Flicka as a bunny rabbit

When Flicka’s puppy raiser, Alison, shared with me a photo of Flicka in a princess costume, I decided to confess on this blog that I’ve dressed her up too.  I feel bad about it because Flicka is so majestic and dignified (at least in my mind).

My little dress-up episode happened a couple of weeks ago while we were at the pet store buying some more food.  The store already had its Halloween costumes on display.  Poor Flicka, I took photos too!

Bunny 1    Bunny 2    Bunny 3

Bunny 4    Bunny 5    Bunny 6

(click image to enlarge)

You can see in these photos how thrilled Flicka is!

Flicka as a puppy

Flicka’s puppy raiser, Alison, shared some photos of young Flicka with me today!

I’ve wondered what she looked like as a puppy, and now I know.  Click on an image to enlarge.

Flicka - 8 weeks 001    Flicka - 10 weeks    Flicka Folk Fest Nooner 2012 small version
Flicka at 8 weeks                Flicka at 10 weeks              Too cool for school

Princess Flicka    Mounted Police    Fly and Westjet
Princess Flicka                    Flicka and the Mountie       Flicka and the WestJet Pilot

Skyline Flicka3
Flicka in Calgary, Alberta

Premier Redford & Fly - 11 months
Flicka with Alison Redford, current Premier of the Province of Alberta, Canada

(click images to enlarge)

Alison has also put together a scrapbook for Flicka.  I’m so excited!!!

Thank you, Alison!