Open House + Flicka Reunion!

Today was National Service Dogs’ annual Open House.  Flicka and I made the journey to Cambridge, ON where NSD’s head office is located.

Flicka really enjoyed her time back at her original home.  The staff were delighted to see her and hear about how she’s doing.  She also got to spend time with some of the families who were involved with her raising.  I’m so pleased!

Flicka and I were honoured to be sitting beside a special NSD volunteer when it was announced that she had won the NSD volunteer of the year award.

Congratulations, Gail!!!

According to National Service Dogs, the Shade Volunteer Award is awarded annually to National Service Dog’s Volunteer of the Year.  The recipient is some one who represents the qualities of all of the Founders of NSD in helping the program evolve and grow.  The Shade Volunteer Award recognizes the individual that has made an outstanding contribution in many areas of volunteering.

Flicka was living with Gail for several months while Flicka was completing her advanced, and PTSD-specific, training, and immediately before she was transferred to me in June.

Flicka and I really appreciate all of the great things that Gail does for National Service Dogs.  Through outstanding volunteers like her, people like me are able to get the much needed support of a service dog.  I can’t tell you, Gail, how much Flicka has changed my life since she arrived in June.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

In your honour, I’d like to share on this blog some of the photos of Flicka that you took while she was living with you.

Flicka pre 1   Flicka pre 2   Flicka pre 3
Flicka pre 4   Flicka pre 5
(click image to enlarge)

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