Flicka’s first visit to my office

Unfortunately, I have been off work for an extended period of time due to my medical condition.  Being off work has been both frustrating and disappointing for me.  I enjoy the type of work that I do, and I miss being able to do it.

It’s been anticipated that one of the benefits of being teamed up with Flicka is that she’ll help me return to work.  Now that Flicka and I have had a sufficient period of time to bond and work together as a certified service dog team, she is now ready to become acquainted with my workplace.

Earlier today, one of Flicka’s favourite people from National Service Dogs came to town to help Flicka integrate into my workplace.  Flicka’s first day in my office went well.  She was professional, and there were no issues with her.  The human resources department at my office sent around an email to my colleagues in advance to let them know that Flicka would now be coming into the office with me.  My colleagues were great today.  They wanted to say hello, which I let them do.  They were respectful of the “no petting” rule, and I really thank them for that!

Flicka’s first official day in my office is scheduled for Tuesday, August 20th!  Stay tuned for up-dates!

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