Flicka’s new jacket

While I was at the NSD Open House, I took Flicka’s new jacket even though it needed some alterations completed.  Thank you for humouring me, NSD!

Today, I got Flicka’s jacket back from her tailor.  Flicka looks awesome in her new jacket!

Here are some photos of Flicka with her new jacket:
Flicka new jacket 5     Flicka new jacket 3     Flicka new jacket 4
(click image to enlarge)

The timing for receipt of this new jacket was terrific as Flicka and I had a cocktail party to attend this evening, and she got to show off her new jacket to everyone!

Open House + Flicka Reunion!

Today was National Service Dogs’ annual Open House.  Flicka and I made the journey to Cambridge, ON where NSD’s head office is located.

Flicka really enjoyed her time back at her original home.  The staff were delighted to see her and hear about how she’s doing.  She also got to spend time with some of the families who were involved with her raising.  I’m so pleased!

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Flicka’s first official day in my office

Today was Flicka’s first official day in my office.  She did really well today – good job, fly girl!  I managed well on my first official day back in the office.  Thank you to my colleagues for your support and words of encouragement.  It means a lot to me!

Flicka’s already picked her spot in my office.  Here she is:
Flicka at office 1
(click image to enlarge)

Art Gallery of Ontario

It’s Flicka’s unofficial mission this summer to check out several of Toronto’s cultural institutions.  She’s been to the Royal Ontario Museum and the Ontario Science Centre so far.  Today, she’s added the Art Gallery of Ontario to her list.  I’m doing this with her because, first, I want to practice socializing with her in crowds, and second, I want to see how these institutions treat her.  The AGO did well today.

Flicka attended one of the opening days for a special exhibit called “Ai Weiwei: According to What?
Ai Weiwei
(click image to enlarge)
(image taken from the Art Gallery of Ontario’s website located at www.ago.net)

Flicka took her new friends from The Netherlands as her guests for this exhibit.  They’re going home in a couple of days and snuck this detour into their packed schedule.  We all enjoyed this thought provoking exhibit, and Flicka enjoyed some bonus time with her new friends.

What does Flicka do when I’m sleeping?

What does Flicka do when I’m sleeping?  According to my partner, she sleeps right beside me.  I had no idea that this is going on until my partner provided me with photographic evidence.  Apparently, this doesn’t happen all of the time but it’s happened a few times so some photographs were taken.

Here’s Flicka sleeping beside me:
Flicka sleeping 3A     Flicka sleeping 1A     Flicka sleeping 2A
(click image to enlarge)

It’s interesting to see how close see gets to me.  What’s even more interesting is I have no idea that she’s lying on me when she’s doing it!  Can I have some personal space, Flicka?!  Oh, and if my partner reads this blog post, I now have some photos of you sleeping too!  ;-)

Back on the Boat!

This has been quite the summer for Flicka.  Today, she was back on her favourite boat!  While there was no swimming in Lake Ontario this time, Flicka did get to meet three new wonderful people who were visiting from The Netherlands.  They fell in love with Flicka, and spent a lot of time with her today.  I think the love affair was mutual.  A special thank you to them for giving so much to Flicka today.  I think she appreciated your love and affection. We hope we get to see you again next summer!

Here’s a new photo of Flicka on the boat:
Flicka boating 11A
(click image to enlarge)

Flicka and the Baby

Flicka and my son have been interacting well with each other since he’s come home.  Flicka takes an interest in him, and, from time to time, he takes an interest in Flicka.  I wasn’t sure how Flicka would react to having someone new in our home.  Flicka’s taken my son’s presence well.  Good girl, Flicka!

Here are some photos of my son and Flicka together:
Flicka and baby 1     Flicka and baby 2A     Flicka and baby 3A
(click image to enlarge)

Flicka’s first visit to my office

Unfortunately, I have been off work for an extended period of time due to my medical condition.  Being off work has been both frustrating and disappointing for me.  I enjoy the type of work that I do, and I miss being able to do it.

It’s been anticipated that one of the benefits of being teamed up with Flicka is that she’ll help me return to work.  Now that Flicka and I have had a sufficient period of time to bond and work together as a certified service dog team, she is now ready to become acquainted with my workplace.

Earlier today, one of Flicka’s favourite people from National Service Dogs came to town to help Flicka integrate into my workplace.  Flicka’s first day in my office went well.  She was professional, and there were no issues with her.  The human resources department at my office sent around an email to my colleagues in advance to let them know that Flicka would now be coming into the office with me.  My colleagues were great today.  They wanted to say hello, which I let them do.  They were respectful of the “no petting” rule, and I really thank them for that!

Flicka’s first official day in my office is scheduled for Tuesday, August 20th!  Stay tuned for up-dates!